February 12, 2016
Denver-based Specialist Helps Star Athletes Return to the Field and Perform Better

The Denver Broncos had more than a game-day strategy to win Super Bowl 50. In fact, for many years, the team’s long-term strategy behind the scenes has involved Greg Roskopf and his innovative physical approach to injury recovery and prevention. Through his work, he’s helped the Broncos and other star athletes return to the field and perform better.
Roskopf, founder of the innovative Muscle Activation Techniques or “MAT”, is a Denver-based specialist who has been working with the Broncos as a consultant for nearly 20 years. This is the third time the Broncos have won the Super Bowl, with Roskopf involved behind the scenes, performing hands-on work with players whose injuries sometimes cannot be fixed by conventional rehabilitation.

Roskopf visits the Broncos training facility a couple of times a week and sees the majority of the players. He also meets with the players who have special needs on an individual basis at his office.

But what does he do that is so special?

PT Plus Muscle Activation Techniques

Uniek, de eerste en enige in Nederland. MAT “Muscle Activation Techniques™” is voor iedereen die jong en fit wil blijven, sportprestaties wil verbeteren of last heeft van blessures. MAT is een revolutionair behandel en trainingssysteem voor jong en oud. MAT evalueert en corrigeert de spieren die uit balans zijn. Met een MAT behandeling kunnen chronische klachten grondig aangepakt worden, verdwijnen steeds terugkerende blessures en nemen sportprestaties en kracht toe.

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