5 Treatments: €540 (60 minutes)

10 Treatments: €540 (30 minutes)

5 Treatments: €285 (30 minutes)

Single sessions: €110 (60 minutes)

Single session: €59 (30 minutes)


Small Group (max 6 clients):

€72 per month (4 sessions) or €125 a month (8 sessions)

Semi-private (max 4 clients):

€110 per month (4 sessions) or €186 a month (8 sessions)

1 on 1 Personal Training:

€400:  4 sessions (valid one month)

€740:  8 sessions (valid one month)

€780:  8 sessions (valid 6 weeks)

€1080: 10 sessions (valid 4 months)


  • “Early 2019 I saw a video from the American FSHD-muscle decease Society about MAT, in which a FSHD-patiënt spoke about the good results he achieved with MAT.  That’s how I found Judith Bakker, owner of PT plus in Amsterdam, the only practitoner in the Netherlands. So far I had 30 sessions and I notice a clear improvement both in the symptoms as muscle strength. The treatment in a way has given me back my life: instead of a continuing decline, I am experiencing stability and a light improvement.”


  • “After my stem cel transplant 7 years ago, I was very limited and continued to experience muscle pain throughout my whole body every day. All my movements felt very heavy and I completely lost my physical condition.  I could not function properly anymore.
    Doctors, Physical therapists, gyms and alternative medicine had no effect. A year ago I encountered by coincidence MAT by Judith Bakker. It seemed that a lot of muscles were not participating anymore in my movements and the still active muscles were over worked. With MAT this can be changed. After the first treatment the pain was a lot less and after a few treatments the pain was gone. I felt many years younger and fitter. Now, I can do anything I like, because my muscles participate in my movements. For me the totally different treatment process of MAT was the solution!” 


  • “I often find that if I have a cold, or some other problem, I think how good it would be to be free of the problems it causes. I later realise that my cold (or whatever it was) has gone, and I no longer suffer from the associated problems, but had not realised at the time that the problem had gone. It has been a bit like that since training with PT Plus. I had some specific issues with my shoulder that I wanted to address, but also had other aches and pains, which I somehow assumed were part of getting older, and something I had to live with. I was able to get rid of my shoulder problem, but also, training regularly with Judith, and addressing other issues, I found myself waking up one day and realising that basically all of my aches and pains had disappeared, and that everything felt good, and had done for some time.It is not a magic recipe it does involve actively doing something, but, using MAT, Judith has been able to identify the source of problems I have had, so that we could target efforts in the right area.I continue to train regularly with Judith, as it helps me to keep feeling good, and address any issues which arise, so that they do not become permanent problems that I have to live with. I believe that investing in my health is one of the best things I can do, as if I feel good, everything else is better.”


  • “I would like to describe the MAT treatment as super! When I am experiencing muscle aches or my body does not work as it should do, I can make an appointment straight away. I have learned from Judith how my muscles really work and which parts of my body function well.  Due to this knowledge I keep on winning many races as a runner , despite my injuries.”


  • “I had s tried a lot, but the pain did not go away. I was desperate.  A lot of therapists focus on a certain part of the body. But in a more complex situation like mine you realize everything is connected. Not everybody understands this. Luckily Judith does. I shared my story with Judith and she invited me to a free trial session. As I am a very sceptical person, this really convinced mea  as I could experience it myself. After the trial session I walked out of the door with the feeling of a more relaxed body. This gave me the confidence to go back. I have experienced a period in my life when I was very limited in the things I could do. Now I can again watch my daughter’s Hockey games and I can even go out on the bike for a short cycle ride.”


  • “I have been thinking for days I need to let you know how well things are with my shoulder. I am driving to Eindhoven 3 x a week without pain, its amazing. I do my exercises and so far so good, without issues absolutely awesome.”


  • “I just wanted to say my lower back does not hurt anymore. Its gone. I did not have any issues evening/day after the treatment, so this is gold.”


  • “Hi Judith, I just wanted say thanks to the medical staff. I won a golf match yesterday…”


  • “After years of practicing I finally advance in my golf practice and my back does not hurt anymore. If I feel any tension, I do my exercises and its gone.


  • “MAT improved my rotation, my golf teacher is telling me I am now able to rotate around my axis, and my golfswing is much more stable.”
PT Plus Physiotherapie

PT Plus Physiotherapy is for everyone from young to old; Whether or not you exercise, are a recreational runner, are recovering from a sports injury or exercise at a high level, the PT Plus method adapts to your wishes and needs.

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