Through years of experience in exercise therapy and the highly specialized knowledge of the MAT® Muscle Activation method, we can investigate and treat your injury with a broader approach. We not only treat the symptoms but also the cause of your injury.

Where many physiotherapists focus on treating the pain, we focus on analyzing and treating the cause of your injury. Everything is connected to each other. If the pain is in the shoulder, the cause may be in the back and vice versa. We not only treat the relevant painful spot, but also work with you to ensure that the pain does not return by treating the underlying problem. We realize this is more time consuming than ‘traditional’ physiotherapy, but that is what we stand for.

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“I have already tried a lot, but the pain in my body remained. I was really distraught. Many therapists focus on a specific part of the body. But in a more complex situation like mine, you realize how closely everything in the body is interrelated. Not everyone understands that, fortunately Judith does. I went through a period when I was really limited in the things I could do. Now I’m back on the line at my daughter’s hockey games and I can even go for a bike ride.” Click here for more information REFERENCES & PRICING



PT Plus Physiotherapists are BIG registered, affiliated with the Quality House for Physiotherapy; the KRF (Quality Register Physiotherapy) and a member of the KNGF (the professional group for Physiotherapists).

Your treatment will be reimbursed by the insurer depending on your policy. We are also affiliated with the complaints and disputes committee of the KNGF. You will find all information and a complaint form at the Physiotherapist . PT Plus has two locations: Amsterdam South & Loenen aan de Vecht.

Pain and stiffness are a sign that your joints and muscles are out of balance. When one muscle is not working efficiently, others have to work harder to compensate. Traditional methods focus on loosening tight muscles and then rehabilitation exercises. Usually the tight muscles are symptoms, a protective mechanism of the brain. We do not focus on symptoms, but look for the underlying cause, namely the muscles that do not respond or are weak.

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PT Plus Physiotherapy offers therapy for everyone from athlete to non-athlete, we treat:

  • Injuries
  • Pain in joints & arthritis
  • After surgery or trauma
  • Scoliosis related weakness
  • Tight and or weak muscles
  • Limitations in mobility and flexibility
  • Sports performance issues.

On this website you will find even more information about our specialist knowledge of the muscular system:  MAT

Specialist knowledge of the muscular system

Step 1: Over 250 muscle tests can be used to evaluate which muscles or specific muscle fibers are not responding or weak.

Step 2: The treatment restores the neurological contact between the muscles and the brain and improves the muscles’ ability to contract.

Step 3: Exercise therapy together with the physiotherapist and exercises at home strengthen the muscles.

PT Plus Physiotherapie

PT Plus Physiotherapy is for everyone from young to old; Whether or not you exercise, are a recreational runner, are recovering from a sports injury or exercise at a high level, the PT Plus method adapts to your wishes and needs.

Contact Details

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Rijksstraatweg 154 – 3632 AH Loenen a/d Vecht

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Monday and Thursday 16.00 – 20.00
Tuesday and Wednesday. 10.00 – 20:00
Friday 9:30 – 18.00
Saturday 9:30 – 13.30 uur
Sunday Closed