All the buzz this season surrounding Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has been about his brilliant recovery from four neck surgeries over the past two years. But to learn why, at 36, he’s on pace to throw for the most yards (4,830) in his 14-year career, you have to go back before the operations, to a conversation he had with Trace Armstrong, a former Pro Bowl defensive end who played for the Bears, Dolphins and Raiders. Armstrong had just retired, and the subject was investments. Real estate? Bonds? Restaurants? Armstrong, known among his peers as a forward thinker, didn’t have much advice on those. “The greatest investment you can make,” he said, “is in your body. The opportunity to extend your career is huge.”

PT Plus Muscle Activation Techniques

The first and only one in the Netherlands. MAT Muscle Activation Techniques ™ is a revolutionary approach to assess and correct muscular imbalances within the human body. Overload, stress, injury, ageing causes muscles to become inhibited or weak.
MAT restores contractile efficiency of the muscular system, ensuring it can function with maximum efficiency. MAT helps people of all ages to reduce injuries, improve sport performance and maintain health and youth.

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