5280 The Denver Magazine features Greg Roskopf: “Muscle Activation Technique is essentially a highly personalized assessment and treatment of imbalances in body mechanics that Roskopf developed over the course of about 10 years, largely in search of his own relief. Despite taking a year off from football in college, Roskopf’s back continued to plague him into his 20s. While completing his master’s in physical education, he also started experiencing knee and foot problems. “I thought, If I’m this bad at 25, what am I going to be like at 50?””

“…Here’s how it works: When the body senses instability, as with an imbalance or injury, Roskopf says, the brain sends a message to tighten the muscles in that area. Over time, this constant contracting can lead to inflammation and biochemical changes that can alter communication between the brain and muscles…”

PT Plus Muscle Activation Techniques

The first and only one in the Netherlands. MAT Muscle Activation Techniques ™ is a revolutionary approach to assess and correct muscular imbalances within the human body. Overload, stress, injury, ageing causes muscles to become inhibited or weak.
MAT restores contractile efficiency of the muscular system, ensuring it can function with maximum efficiency. MAT helps people of all ages to reduce injuries, improve sport performance and maintain health and youth.

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