The only specialist centre in the Netherlands/Benelux.
MAT™ is a powerful biomechanical based approach to assess and correct muscular imbalances in the human body. Through a unique systematic format MAT™ techniques are used to “jump start” the muscles in order for the muscular system to function with maximum efficiency.

How is MAT™ different?
Pain and tightness are a sign of joint and muscle imbalances. When a muscle is not working effectively others have to work harder to compensate. Traditional methods focus on relieving tightness and pain, yet these are symptoms, and in most cases a protective mechanism put in place by the brain. MAT™ does not focus on symptoms, but aims to find and treat the underlying cause of these imbalances; muscle inhibition or weakness.

How does a muscle contract? Muscles contract when input from the Central Nervous System (CNS) reaches the specific muscle or muscles telling the muscle(s) to contract. Just like the current from your “car battery” if there is a “bad connection” or the absence of a connection, the motor won’t respond. Similarly, muscles that aren’t receiving proper input from the CNS become inhibited or weak. A weak muscle loses its ability to stabilise joints and properly protect the body from injury.

The MAT™  treatment consist of: 1 ROM (Range of Motion) checks, 2. Targeted muscle testing based on biomechanics (scientific testing based on leverage and gravity mechanism of the body) , 3.Palpation techniques. More than 300 muscle tests can be used to assess which muscles or specific muscle fibres are inhibited or weak. MAT™ treatment will restore the communication of the CNS with a muscle and improves the ability of the muscle to contract. Followed by MAT exercises to strengthen and reinforce.

Who can benefit from MAT™ rehab?
Athletes, fitness enthusiasts, active and/or sedentary individuals who have experienced any of the following conditions:
– Muscular weakness or tightness,
– Limitations in motion or flexibility,
– Impaired performance,
– Injury or pain in muscles and/or joints
– Scoliosis

MAT™ ʼs goal is to restore function to anyone who wishes to function pain free.
MAT™ is popular with all my clients. In the US, where MAT™ was developed by Greg Roskopf 25 years ago, many professional sport teams and athletes use MAT™ to improve performance. 
On this website you will find more info about MAT™.

  • I train for two and a half years at PT Plus with Judith. Judith is excited, full of energy and motivates me very much! I had a lot of pain in my back, but by the good targeted sports sessions I now know better how I should use my back. In addition, I have much less back pain. I feel fit and in shape!

    Annelies Damen
  • When I first came to PT Plus, I thought that I was coming to a normal Personal Trainer. My objective was to improve my level of fitness. I had unsuccessfully been trying to eliminate certain discomforts (stiff neck, back pain) which had developed, and wanted to improve my fitness in spite of these problems. 

    James Jones

Knowledge of the muscular system

More than 300 muscle tests can be used to assess which muscles or specific muscle fibres are inhibited or weak.

MAT™ treatment will restore the communication of the Central Nervous System (CNS) with the muscles and improve the ability of the muscles to contract.
The treatment is followed by MAT™ exercises to strengthen and reinforce.

MAT™ reduces pain and discomfort from chronic injuries, resolves sport injuries, improves athletic performance and keeps you young!

PT Plus Muscle Activation Techniques™

The only specialist centre in the Netherlands. Muscle Activation Techniques™ is a revolutionary approach to assess and correct muscular imbalances within the human body. Overload, stress, injury and ageing causes muscles to become inhibited or weak. MAT™ restores contractile efficiency of the muscular system, ensuring it can function with maximum efficiency. MAT™ helps people of all ages to reduce injuries, improve sport performance and maintain health and youth.

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