Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) can have immediate results for physical therapists and trainers of any type: geriatric, pediatric, athletic, etc. MAT™ founder Greg Roskopf highlights how one client with chronic pain was able to get her life back because of the therapy. MAT™ is taught in the master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Health Fitness Specialist at Globe University/Minnesota School of Business. The program is available online and at campuses in Minnesota’s Twin Cities (Plymouth and Woodbury, MN), Saint Cloud, MN and Madison-West, Wisconsin.

PT Plus Muscle Activation Techniques

The first and only one in the Netherlands. MAT Muscle Activation Techniques ™ is a revolutionary approach to assess and correct muscular imbalances within the human body. Overload, stress, injury, ageing causes muscles to become inhibited or weak.
MAT restores contractile efficiency of the muscular system, ensuring it can function with maximum efficiency. MAT helps people of all ages to reduce injuries, improve sport performance and maintain health and youth.

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